V&A Waterfront

V&A Waterfront’s holistic energy efficiency interventions have helped them achieve a reduction in total consumption of 26% from 2008 till 2015.

Bayside Mall

Their PV installation has resulted in average monthly savings of 11% and up to 17% in summer months.

Peninsula All-Suite Hotel

Ongoing initiatives are resulting in annual savings of up to 19% despite higher occupancy


Energy efficiency is embedded within the KPAs of every business unit, with energy champions from stores, distribution centres and Head Office.


  • Contact Person: Nick Weggelaar
  • Address: Unit 45 Platinum Junction, School Street, Milnerton, 7441
  • Website: www.infoled.co.za
  • Started in: 2012
  • Location: Milnerton, Cape Town
  • Affiliations:


    Green Building Council of South Africa. We also represent Solar Edge inverter technology in South Africa.

  • Services:
    • Initial consultations: Yes
    • Preliminary audits: Yes
    • Investment grade audits: Yes
    • Installation: Yes
    • Maintenance: Yes
  • Other relevant Services:


    Smart metering solutions with automation, own LED lighting product range and Solar PV (EPC)

  • Financial models:
    • Turnkey contract: Yes
    • Shared savings: Yes
    • Guaranteed savings: Yes
    • Financed contract: Yes
  • Technology:


    We have many unique offerings, our smart metering solution not only provides digital, web based monitoring but offers control of devices based on time, temperature, weather or load. Our metering systems can work with any meter, electrical, water, hot water or gas. We also have worked on several sub billing systems that are running successfully. We offer clients a range of Energy Conservation Methods specialising in our own range of LED lights which have a 5 year full exchange warranty. We often end up installing LED lighting projects, where the LEDs pay for themselves through the savings. Finally we offer clients the option to purchase a photovoltaic solar system or rather that we install, insure and maintain the system and the client buys the electricity it produces at a cheaper rate.

  • Experience:


    SAPPI Cape Kraft (now known as Gayatri Paper) , 2013

    Cape Transvaal Printers, 2014 & 2015

    Clicks Head Office, 2015

  • Skills:


    BSc Mechatronics Engineering, 2 Electrical Engineers

  • Subcontractors:


    We use subcontractors to install our products as we offer turnkey solutions. Our subcontractors are approved electricians.

  • Monitoring and verification:


    We install a smart meter on site to measure the various circuits where energy saving is concerned. We perform various types of energy audits and look at various aspects of the business. We also require the past 12 months electricity bills, allowing us to check that the bill is accurate and that the business is on the correct tariff.

  • Training for clients:


    We offer Green Buidling Council solutions in terms of better building management. We also offer training for our metering system and assist with hands-on training of staff for simple interventions such as switching off the lights.

  • Project size limitations:


    We prefer working on larger projects, i.e. commercial and industrial. We are not very focused on the residential market but we will work with any type of customer.

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