V&A Waterfront

V&A Waterfront’s holistic energy efficiency interventions have helped them achieve a reduction in total consumption of 26% from 2008 till 2015.

Bayside Mall

Their PV installation has resulted in average monthly savings of 11% and up to 17% in summer months.

Peninsula All-Suite Hotel

Ongoing initiatives are resulting in annual savings of up to 19% despite higher occupancy


Energy efficiency is embedded within the KPAs of every business unit, with energy champions from stores, distribution centres and Head Office.

Green Logik

  • Contact Person: Damon Lapping
  • Address: Office 2A1, The Avenues, Village Walk Road, Sunningdale
  • Website: www.greenlogik.co.za
  • Started in: 2011
  • Location: Cape Town
  • Affiliations:


    Carbon Protocol of South Africa - regulate and provide credibility to companies that offer carbon footprint assessment services
    NCPC - Resource Efficiency Service Provider
    Maxx Solar Alumini


  • Services:


    • Initial consultations: Yes
    • Preliminary audits: Yes
    • Investment grade audits: Yes
    • Installation: Yes
    • Monitoring and Verification: Yes
    •  Maintenance: Yes


  • Other relevant Services:


    • Water Consumption Audits – provide water assessments for sites by monitoring and tracking water usage and wastage then provide bankable solutions for reducing water wastage through technology interventions.
    • Carbon Footprint Assessments – offer a carbon footprint assessment for determining an organisation’s annual carbon emissions and strategies for reducing carbon emissions.
    • ISO50001 - EnMS or Energy Management Consulting Services
  • Financial models:


    • Turnkey contract: Yes
    • Shared savings: Yes
    • Guaranteed savings: No
    • Financed contract: Yes (Able to supply client with project financing)
  • Technology:


    • Lighting
    • Occupancy Sensors
    • Rooftop Solar PV
  • Experience:


    • Blend Property Group - Roll out of energy efficient lighting and HVAC retrofit technology to a commercial office property portfolio covering 23 office blocks: 1.2mW of energy savings, 2013
    • Reference: Mark Corbishley (011 380 9400)

    • Mars Consumer Products - Energy efficient lighting and intelligent occupancy light sensor solution for a large consumer products factory in Cape Town: 20kW of energy savings, 2013
    • Reference: Danie Harttingh (021 527 3000)

    • Nampak - Energy efficient lighting project for a large national company, first facility is a proof of concept: 35kW, 2013
    • Reference: Jacques Haarhoff (021 590 5800)


  • Skills:


    • Certified Energy Efficiency Auditor
    • Certified Water Consumption Auditor
    • Certified Carbon Footprint Auditor
    • Certified PV System Feasibility & Design
    • Certified PV System Technician
    • Certified UNIDO Expert Level Energy Management Systems (ISO50001 - EnMS) (NCPC)
    • UNIDO Expert Level Steam Systems Optimization (NCPC)
    • UNIDO Advanced Level Motor System Optimization (NCPC)
    • UNIDO ISO50006 EnPMI End User Training (NCPC)
    • PMBOK Diploma (Project Management Diploma)
    • PRINCE 2 Certified (Project Management Diploma)
  • Subcontractors:


    • Yes, we work specifically with one company nationally that specialises in lighting installation. We also have a solar PV installation team.
  • Monitoring and verification:


    • Install a data logger to capture data, our M&V specialist uses the data over time to establish an average demand load profile for the site and is able to perform a full analysis. There is a cost associated to the meter installation and rental and establishing the demand load profile for the building.
  • Training for clients:


    • N/A
  • Project size limitations:


    • Minimum size of 10kW up to 5MW

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